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Special Features

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Episode 1

Featuring special message by Dr Steven Mills DC (Category: Special Feature #1)

Episode Description:

This episode features a special presentation by Dr. Steven Mills, DC ( covering the future programming types and content, the purpose and intentions in creating this series as well as some details of Dr. Steven Mills, DC's background leading up to the creation of the "iHeart Chiropractic" Video Blog and Audio Podcast Series.

Episode Notes

Video Blog and Audio Podcast Categories:
    1) Purpose Driven Chiropractic
(featuring information primarily for the practicing Chiropractor)
    2) Chiropractic Student Focus
(featuring information primarily for the Chiropractic Student)
    3) Chiropractic Perspectives
(featuring information primarily from sources outside of the Chiropractic profession about chiropractic)
    4) Chiro Update
(featuring information primarily regarding news, laws, policies, regulations, politics and issues pertaining to Chiropractic and/or public health in general etc.)
    5) Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle
(featuring information on all aspects of living a healthy life that is centered around Chiropractic, free from chemical, emotional, repetitive and traumatic interferences and that best supports optimal physiological, biomechanical and systemic processes.)
    6) Special Features   (There is no established separate URL for this category at this time. This category can be found simply by clicking on "Podcasts" on this web site and selecting "Special Features" under the heading "Show Notes by Episode Category".)


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