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"Dr. Steven Mills is a talented speaker and as a patient of his my self, I can say that he is a brilliant Chiropractic practitioner. I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend."

- Dr. Flora Hyacinth, DC
      - three time Olympian: Track & Field
      - former women's World Record holder
      - 45' tripple jump


"Good speakers and topics."

- Nancy N.

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- Angela L.


"Enjoyed it."

- Pat S.



- Sohaila JoEllen H.

"Great! I'm looking forward to learning more about their upcoming events."

- Josh

"Well worth the time. Bring a note pad, take notes. Use them. Simple."

- Bryan F.

"Great people and great meeting."

- Kamtorn A.

"Great group of awesome, inspirational people. I am honored to be the member of San Diego Success Club."

-  Asha

"A wonderful group of people coming together for the benefit of personal growth."

- Cindy T.


- Sunny ☼

"I think is a place where you can have an opportunity to learn, ask, and express your opinion. I had a good time and I will definitely go to the next meeting."

- Ilia P.

"Enjoyed the topic and speaker. Looking forward to future presentations."

- Glenn

"Very good idea. Beneficial. Looking forward to future presentations."

- Barbara M.


"I feel that this club will benefit a lot of people."

- Leslie S.


"I went to my first meeting this past Thursday. I wish the room would've been filled because I think everyone should have been there. Very inspired and definitely set me back on track."

- Jhun N.

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