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Episode 10

Dr Stan Shapiro DC (Category: Purpose Driven Chiropractic #7)

Episode Description:

This episode features a special interview with
Dr. Stan Shapiro, DC from San Diego, CA.

Dr. Shapiro had a record day in practice the day before our interview. In this episode Dr. Shapiro shares his Chiropractic story from challenging beginnings in practice to his shifts in mindset, business structure, marketing and growth as well as his current clinical and financial success. His is a story we all can appreciate, admire and aspire to.

Episode Notes

Dr. Shapiro's web site:

Dr. Steven Mills, D.C. can be e-mailed at:

Episode 9

Dr Krista Burns DC (Category: Purpose Driven Chiropractic #6)

Episode Description:

About Dr. Krista Burns, DC:

- Co-founder of the American Posture Institute
- Ph.D. in Health Administration
- Certified Postural Specialist
- Certified Posture Exercise Professional
- Specialist in Functional Chiropractic Neurology
- She is the author of the evidence based textbook, "The Principles of Posturology"
- Has presented at the International Functional Medicine Conference in Italy and the Women’s Leadership Summit in the United States
- Has been featured on Sport Magazine televised program, CYOU TV live radio program, and has been a contributing author to L’Accademia del Fitness national health magazine
- Founder and President of the League of Chiropractic Women-Europe
- As a teenager she was a competitive member of the United States Freestyle Development Ski Team, a qualifier for the US National Championships and North American Competition skiing circuit
- She is currently a recognized fitness competitor for the International Federation of Bodybuilders and was a top finisher in the Northern Italian Championships, qualifying her for her top 10th finish in the Italian National Championships as a Bikini competitor
- Her superior personal work ethic is demonstrated by her continuous devotion to academics, her admired professional accomplishments, her role as a woman leader in the chiropractic profession, and her successes as a professional athlete


Episode Notes

Dr Burns' Free Downloadable Gift For iHeart Chiropractic Listeners

“Top 20 research studies every brain-based Practitioner needs to know”

Main Web Site
Primary e-mail Contact

A couple of Dr. Burns’ greatest mentors/influences:

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, DC

Dr. Cathy Wendland-Colby, DC

Recommend Reading

“Good to Great”
     - by Jim Collins
(Among other things, this book addresses specializing, becoming an expert, and developing that which you do better than anyone else.)

“The seven habits of highly effective people"   
     - by Stephen Covey
(Beginning with personal development and personal victories in order to transform and manifest outer success.)


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Episode 8

Dr Tim O'Shea DC (Category: Purpose Driven Chiropractic #5)

Episode Description:

In this episode Dr. O'Shea discusses his international seminar schedule and programming, his experience practicing Chiropractic in Sicily, the roles and importance of science, art, philosophy, mindset and technique as it pertains to success in Chiropractic, his first hand experience with those attempting to open the door to Chiropractic pharmaceutical prescription rights and much, much more.

Episode Notes

Dr. Tim O'Shea, DC is the author of "Vaccination Is Not Immunization". About this book, Clinical Radiologist, David Ayoub wrote the following review:
"It is impossible to estimate the true value of Dr O'Shea's work. His review of the history of the vaccination industry is vastly more thorough than that taught in medical schools and decisively more balanced."

Dr. O'Shea's office's web site

Recommended by Dr. O'Shea:

Dane Wigington's web site on Geoengineering

To locate books recommended by Dr. O'Shea for reading:

  . . . or follow steps 1-3 below:
1) go to
2) click on "Chapters"
3) select "Essential Books For Life" (or type the following link into your browser)


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Episode 7

Dr Tim Young DC (Category: Purpose Driven Chiropractic #4)

Episode Description:

In this episode Dr. Young discusses his practice, philosophy and technique, his Family, work ethic, advice for Chiropractic students, foundations for success in practice, the Chiropractic organizations he has launched and much more.

Episode Notes

Dr. Tim Young, DC is a super power in Chiropractic. Not only has he delivered over one million Chiropractic adjustments but he has also collected over one million dollars per year with a 19% overhead in practice consistently for the past (10) years. He is the Founder and President of the "Oklahoma Chiropractors' Association" and the national chiropractic education seminar company "FOCUS" and is the co-founder of "Next Level", a chiropractic practice developmentcompany.

Dr. Young's office's web site (Young Chiropractic)

Oklahoma Chiropractors' Association:

Next Level:



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Episode 6

Dr Dan Murphy DC (Category: Purpose Driven Chiropractic #3)

Episode Description:

In this episode, Dr. Dan Murphy, DC discusses Chiropractic, orthopedics, physiology, neurology, the Vertebral Subluxation, the topic of pharmaceutical prescription rights within Chiropractic, mandatory Vaccination laws and trends and much more.

Episode Notes

web site:

Dr Murphy is a contributing author to the books:

"Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries", published by Aspen, 1996;
"Pediatric Chiropractic", published by Williams & Wilkins, 1998 and 2011;
"Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries, 2nd edition", Jones and Bartlett, 2005

Recommended Reading

"The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer

"Change Your Brain Change Your Life" by Daniel G. Amen, MD
   - (on writing out your goals/pgs136-137)

Dr Murphy has also writes a quarterly column
in the "American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic"

Article Review Service

Register for Dr. Murphy DC's Article Review Service


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Episode 5

 Mandatory Vaccinations and SB277 with Dr Bob Sears (Category: Chiro Update #1)

Episode Description:

This episode focuses on the topic of mandatory vaccination laws and implications. It features a special interview with Dana Point, CA Pediatrician, Dr Bob Sears,  as well as articles, resources and videos related to this new and highly controversial area of law. Future episodes will focus specifically on vaccinations themselves. That said, any references to vaccines in this episode are not intended to debate for or against vaccines themselves, but are meant to be considered within the context of positions on mandatory vaccination laws. Audio versions of this episode can be found at major directories including iTunes, Stitcher and others, while a full video version of this episode can be found at

Episode Notes

Dr. Steven Mills, DC can be contacted at: Facebook: Dr Bob Sears ( ) Google: Dr Bob Sears, Dana Point, CA( ) Web Site:

1) About SB277: (California Coalition for Vaccine Choice)  (link to reading on SB277 that took place during the pre-show segment)
2) Article on e-mail by Dr Sears in opposition to SB277 after it passing:
3) *SB277 Referendum official web site(by former Assemblyman Tim Donnelley) (Unfortunately this site is no longer available)    SB277 "Partners" (locations hosting SB277 Referendum signature locations: (this site is no longer available) * (The SB277 referendum is for registered CA voters only and the signature deadline was 9/28/15)
4) CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
5) Vaccine Research (Vaccine research resource created by Dr Sherri Tenpenny)
6) ARTICLE:   "Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us"  ( )
7) ARTICLE:    "Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become The Greatest Medical Scandal Of All Time"  
( )
8) ARTICLE:  "Stanford Scholars Believe Forced Vaccinations Are Future"  (Source Link is temporarily unavailable)
9) YOUTUBE VIDEO:  Testimony opposed to SB277 prior to it passing.           
by Steven M. Ruben, PhD;   (it appears that Steven M. Ruben, PhD's Youtube testimony video may have been removed, renamed or otherwise relocated) For a Profile on Steven M. Ruben PhD visit:  ( )
10) YOUTUBE VIDEO:  Testimony opposed to SB277 prior to it passing.           
by George Fatheree;
11) YOUTUBE VIDEO:  Testimony opposed to SB277 prior to it passing.           
by NVIC's Barbara Loe Fisher;
12) YOUTUBE VIDEO:  Florida Congressman Bill Posey: CDC Whistleblower Discloses Vaccine Deception;


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Episode 4

Dr Stephen Franson DC (Category: Purpose Driven Chiropractic #2)

Episode Description:

This episode features a special interview with Dr. Stephen Franson, DC of "The Remarkable Practice".

Episode Notes

To locate Dr. Franson's web site visit:


To download the coaching materials that Dr Franson has generously made available to all listeners of iHeart Chiropractic, please visit: . . . or use button below:


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Episode 3

With special guest Marissa Mills (Category: Chiropractic Perspectives #1)

Episode Description:

This episode features a special interview with Dr. Steven Mills DC's wife Marissa Mills. It references their wedding on Valentines Day, February 14, 2015, explores Marissa's courageous story from a ten year childhood respiratory "illness" to successfully completing a 100 mile ultra-marathon. Her heart warming come from behind story is an amazing testimonial to the immeasurable power that the human body possesses to thrive when it is taken care of and provided with what it needs to flourish. It serves as a great reminder for all chiropractors to get on purpose, get fired up, go out and change lives.

Episode Notes

A great audio podcast to listen to on the topic of ultra running:   “Ultra Runner Podcast”

Web source for information regarding 100mile ultra running events:

Dr. Mills, DC can be reached by e-mail at:


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Episode 2

Featuring message by Dr Steven Mills DC (Category: Purpose Driven Chiropractic #1)

Episode Description:

This episode recorded on September 18, 2014, the 119th Birthday of Chiropractic, features a special personal presentation by Dr. Steven Mills, DC ( on Chiropractic care and our roles in society and health care as Chiropractors.

Episode Notes

Dr. Mills, DC can be reached by e-mail at:


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Me-Tie Pic.jpg

Episode 1

Featuring special message by Dr Steven Mills DC (Category: Special Feature #1)

Episode Description:

This episode features a special presentation by Dr. Steven Mills, DC ( covering the future programming types and content, the purpose and intentions in creating this series as well as some details of Dr. Steven Mills, DC's background leading up to the creation of the "iHeart Chiropractic" Video Blog and Audio Podcast Series.

Episode Notes

Video Blog and Audio Podcast Categories:
    1) Purpose Driven Chiropractic
(featuring information primarily for the practicing Chiropractor)
    2) Chiropractic Student Focus
(featuring information primarily for the Chiropractic Student)
    3) Chiropractic Perspectives
(featuring information primarily from sources outside of the Chiropractic profession about chiropractic)
    4) Chiro Update
(featuring information primarily regarding news, laws, policies, regulations, politics and issues pertaining to Chiropractic and/or public health in general etc.)
    5) Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle
(featuring information on all aspects of living a healthy life that is centered around Chiropractic, free from chemical, emotional, repetitive and traumatic interferences and that best supports optimal physiological, biomechanical and systemic processes.)
    6) Special Features   (There is no established separate URL for this category at this time. This category can be found simply by clicking on "Podcasts" on this web site and selecting "Special Features" under the heading "Show Notes by Episode Category".)


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